Philosophy General Education

Twelve credits in Philosophy are required either through transfer credit or through the following courses offered by CDU for the Bachelor of Arts in Theology. Six credits in Philosophy are required for the Associate of Arts in the Liberal Arts.


Course Number Course Title Credits
PHIL 205* Introduction to Philosophy with Plato and Aristotle 3
PHIL 235* Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Person 3
PHIL 250/THEO 270 Introduction to Catholic Health Care Ethics 3
PHIL 260/THEO 280 Catholic Bioethics I 3
PHIL 311** Ethics 3
PHIL 315 Metaphysics 3
PHIL 320 Modern Philosophy (new in fall 2024) 3
PHIL 330 Contemporary Philosophy (new in fall 2024) 3
PHIL 340 See for Yourself: An Introduction to Epistemology 3
PHIL 370 The Nature of Nature: An Introduction to a Catholic Philosophy of Science 3
PHIL 421/THEO 419 The Thought of Thomas Aquinas 3

*Students must take both PHIL 205 and PHIL 235 at CDU.

**BA students must take PHIL 311 at CDU.