Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, graduate professor of theology, leads two pilgrimages each year: a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and a pilgrimage to Italy. These unique study abroad opportunities have been described as a tour, Catholic pilgrimage, learning experience, and vacation all wrapped into one.

To earn academic credit, undergraduate and graduate students can take these trips in conjunction with three-credit elective courses that count toward their respective degree requirements.

Travel costs are not covered by course tuition, and students register for the pilgrimage through.

The next trip to Italy will be held April 16-26, 2024.Contact Registrar@cdu.edu for additional information.

Holy Land

To earn academic credit for the Holy Land pilgrimage, students must take THEO 498. Holy Land: The Fifth Gospel or THEO  598. Holy Land: The Fifth Gospel.


To earn academic credit for the Italy pilgrimage, students must take THEO 499. Italy: Crossroads of Christendom or THEO 599. Italy: Crossroads of Christendom.