Ana Machado, PhD, STD

About Ana Machado, PhD, STD

Ana Machado holds a doctorate in Dogmatic Theology (STD) from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and a doctorate in Governance and Organizational Culture (PhD) from the University of Navarra.

She seeks to get to the bottom of issues by looking at them from different perspectives, putting theology, philosophy, economics and management into dialogue. Currently her main area of research is Dogmatic Theology, where she brings into contact the ideas of the Fathers of the Church and current theologians and philosophers, to find new ways of responding to the needs of our time.

Before she decided to focus on Theology, Ana worked for about a decade as a professor and researcher at AESE Business School. From that time resulted her book on values and motivation in the work context.

Since she was a university student, Ana has served on boards and commissions for youth initiatives. She has always combined her academic life with supporting initiatives with a social impact, putting her training in the areas of economics and theology to good use. In recent times, her collaboration has been mainly directed towards lifelong learning continuing education programs on Catholic faith.

MA (Economics) Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal
PhD (Governance and Organizational Culture) University of Navarra, Spain
STL (Dogmatic Theology) Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Italy
STD (Dogmatic Theology) Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Italy

Area of Teaching Specialization: Theology