Stephanie Garrett, MSIS

About Stephanie Garrett, MSIS

Stephanie Garrett holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology with a minor in Philosophy from Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. She also holds a  Master of Science in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

As a theological librarian,she is accredited by the American Library Association and is an active member of both ATLA, formerly known as the American Theological Library Association, and the Catholic Library Association. Besides managing the Online Library, Professor Garrett provides information and digital literacy instruction, research and writing instruction, and serves as the Faculty Advisor to Student Life.

Professor Garrett has worked in youth ministry and served as a parish coordinator for confirmation. She believes that the Catholic faith and its teachings on human dignity provide a full and generous lens through which to view interpersonal engagement as a librarian and seeks to recognize in everyone the human person “for whom Christ died” (1Cor 8:11; Rom 14:15) (Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, 2014. SS 105). Her personal objective is to bring into greater focus the sacredness of every individual. She currently resides with her husband and parents in Houston, Texas.

BA (Theology, m. Philosophy) from Aquinas College, Nashville, Tennessee
MSIS (Academic Librarianship and Library Management) from University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Area of Teaching Specialization: Information and Digital Literacy, Adult Learning Theories, Academic Research and Writing, Distance Education and Virtual Library Services
Course Level: Undergraduate