Gregory Y. Glazov, PhD

About Gregory Y. Glazov, PhD

Gregory Y. Glazov, D.Phil. (Oxon.) is an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Seton Hall University. He earned a M.Phil. and D.Phil. degrees in Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman World from Oxford University. His doctoral dissertation, “The ‘Bridling of the Tongue’ and the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ in Biblical Prophecy,” was published by Sheffield Academic Press in 2001. He has published articles on the book of Job, Vladmir Solovyov, and biblical anthropology in Vetus Testamentum, Communio, and for the Linacre Centre. His forthcoming publications include articles on the canonical interpretation of biblical prophecy and east-west monastic dialogue in Dictionary of the Old Testament (IVP) and Eastern Christian Studies.

Dr. Glazov’s recent conference presentations focus on the Old Testament background of John’s Gospel, and the Lord’s Prayer. Dr. Glazov has taught courses in Introduction to Johannine and Pauline Literature, Jewish Roots of Christian Spirituality, New Testament Greek I and II, Prophetic Literature, Pentateuch, Wisdom Literature and Psalms, and The Four Loves and Family Life. Currently he is completing three books: Brothers in Hope: Models of Judaism in Catholic Perspective (Notre Dame), The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be and the Sign of the Cross, and an annotated translation of and commentary on Vladimir Solovyov’s writings on Judaism. Dr. Glazov also serves as Coordinator of the Great Spiritual Books program of ICSST’s Institute for Christian Spirituality.

MA (Philosophy) Oxford University
PhD (Philosophy Concentration in Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman World) as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University

Area of Teaching Specialization: Spirituality