Daniel M. Garland, PhD

About Daniel M. Garland, PhD

Dr. Daniel M. Garland, Jr. holds a doctorate in Systematic Theology (with a minor in Biblical Theology) from Ave Maria University. He has taught theology at Ave Maria University, Christendom College, Christendom College Graduate School of Theology, and for various Permanent Diaconate Programs across the United States.

Dr. Garland’s articles have appeared in Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Maynooth Theological Journal, Heythrop Journal, Angelicum, Nova et Vetera, and the National Catholic Register. He is also the first English translator of St. Jerome’s Commentary on the Prophet Haggai, which is published with IVP Academic’s Ancient Christian Texts series. His research interests are in Sacred Scripture (Pentateuch, Prophets, Johannine Literature), Patristic and Thomistic Exegesis, Sacraments, and Christology. His dissertation is titled, The Gift of Eternal Life in the Son: A Theological Investigation of the Gospel of John.

Dr. Garland is currently an Assistant Professor of Theology at Ohio Dominican University.

BA (Theatre) Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
MA (Theology) Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, Ohio
Ph.D. (Systematic Theology with a minor in Biblical Theology) Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, Florida

Area of Teaching Specialization: Scripture and Theology
Course Level: Graduate
Courses Taught: SCRPT 530 Introduction to Scripture and Salvation History

Languages: English, French, Latin, and Greek

Published works


“‘He Who Eats Me Will Live Because of Me’: Eucharistic Indwelling and Aquinas’s Johannine Theology of the Missions of the Divine Persons,” Nova et Vetera 21.4 (2023): 1171-1199.

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