Support for our incarcerated brothers and sisters is soaring. The CDU prison ministry program continues to innovate to digitally embrace the incarcerated Church. With your support, we have served 280,000 free courses with an outstanding 90% satisfactory completion rate. CDU is especially grateful for recent grants from The Order of Malta Federal Association and The Most Reverend John Dougherty. Many of those behind bars not only have a passion to learn more about their faith, they have a heart to serve others in their community. CDU is creating new digital courses and reorganizing those currently offered into certificate programs to support incarcerated evangelists for the faith. CDU is grateful for team members Ulises and Diana Hubbard, Maria Alejandra Palacios,  and Dr. Marlon de la Torres for working to translate courses into Spanish. CDU also appreciates Doug Sandvig and the Order of Malta prison ministry team for creating a digital rosary program that has launched with amazing success. Together, we are making strides in reaching incarcerated Catholics and we are just realizing the digital potential for service to the underserved.