Learn more about the Catholic faith from a faithful source endorsed by the Vatican and interact with expert instructors and fellow students by taking a three-week online seminar. You will find answers to assist others, wisdom to enrich your own appreciation of the Faith, and inspiration to live the Faith more actively.

Online Seminars

  • Provide weekly lectures, readings, spiritual reflections, interactive discussions with expert instructors, and an opportunity for fellowship.
  • Are asynchronous, so you can study at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Require approximately 3 hours of study time per week.
  • Are user-friendly, with access to an online help desk for questions that may arise.
  • Are cost effective, with an even lower tuition for subsidy partners.
  • May be used to obtain a non-credit certificate.
  • Each seminar awards one Continuing Education Unit (CEU), or 10 clock hours.

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Upcoming Seminars

Tuition for seminars is greatly reduced for our Group Subsidy Partners.  Click the link to see if your diocese or school participates, entitling you for the special rate!

For a description of each of these non-credit seminars or to register, click here.


How Are We Saved? The Catholic View of Salvation (June 12 – July 3)

Why Do We Need the Church? (August 14 – September 4)

The Art of Evangelization through Apologetics (October 2 – 23)

2024 – 2025

Proclaiming the Reality of God: Compelling Evidence of God’s Existence (Jan. 15 – Feb. 5)

Making the Case for Christ (June 17 – July 8)

Why Would a Loving God Allow Evil, Pain, and Suffering? (August 12 – September 2)

How Are We Saved? The Catholic View of Salvation (first quarter of 2025)

Why Do We Need the Church? (third quarter of 2025)

The Art of Evangelization through Apologetics (fourth quarter of 2025)

Seminar participants seeking certification for a non-credit CDU certificate or diocesan certificate must submit a one-page reflection paper.