Lucas Jacobson of New Hope, Minnesota, earned his BA degree in Theology in 2018 and is now pursuing his MA degree in Theology and Educational Ministry. A full-time student, Lucas decided to pursue the study of theology because he figured that if he is going to spend eternity with God, he better get to know something about Him now.
“What I really enjoy about CDU is that one can obtain a degree in Catholic Theology online,” Lucas says. “I have a physical disability, Cerebral Palsy, and use a wheelchair for mobility. I live in Minnesota, and the snow in the winter is hard for my chair to maneuver,” he says.
“For those who have a hard time going out in the community, [the online option] is very beneficial,” Lucas says. “Additionally, one can receive instruction from very knowledgeable instructors [who] are authentic individuals, living out the Catholic faith they teach about. This is very inspiring.”
Lucas began his studies in the first year federal financial aid was made available to students at CDU, which has also helped to put his educational goals within reach. “This enables myself and many others to pursue their education unhindered by financial obstacles,” he says.
Eventually Lucas hopes to pursue a career as a Theology professor for an online higher education institution. He has also considered the possibility of motivational speaking or pursuing a doctorate if a fully online program can be found, but says he will see where God leads him.
Lucas sees the task God is giving him right now as transferring what he has learned about God from his head to his heart, an important process in any theological education. “I sense that God has been calling me into a deeper relationship with him through his mother, Mary, so that I can lead others into their own relationship with God as someone who has personal experience of it,” he says. After recently completing THEO 641, Theology of the Church, Lucas says, “I realized anew during my studies that we are not meant to experience the spiritual life in any aspect alone, but always within the Church.”
His advice to other students is, “Even though you may want to finish your degree faster, ask God what He wants and pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying in your heart. The bottom line is, do not go beyond your limits.”
Lucas is thankful to those who have helped him along the way. “No one can take any journey alone. This includes an educational one,” he says. “I am blessed with four siblings and parents who all help me in various ways. Additionally, pursuing my educational goals would be much harder without the aid of personal care attendants, who have also become my friends. I am very grateful for everyone who has supported me, including the CDU professors and staff.” He encourages everyone to think about who has helped them throughout their lives and to thank them in some manner.

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