Mark your calendars for a fascinating discussion on Tuesday, June 18, at 7:30 p.m. EST as CDU welcomes Dr. Dan Koenemann for a captivating presentation “Toward a Better Understanding of Tropical Tree Diversity.” 

This virtual event will be held on Zoom. Secure your spot by registering here.

Dr. Koenemann, a renowned expert in tropical forestry, will guide us through the awe-inspiring world of tropical forests. His presentation aims to deepen our appreciation of these vital ecosystems by exploring their intricate diversity. From morphological and ecological variations to genetic and reproductive differences, tropical forests offer a treasure trove of natural wonder that Dr. Koenemann is eager to share. 

Dr. Koenemann hopes that participants will “come to a greater realization of the wonder of the natural world and of creation.” Catholic Social Teaching invites us to enter into a relationship of respect and care for the earth. Dr. Koenemann’s presentation will help form a fuller understanding of the delicacy of the environment and our role in caring for God’s creation.

This appreciation will inspire respect and a feeling of responsibility to care for these God-given environments, viewing them as a divine gift deserving of our stewardship.

Join us as we discuss some key topics, including:

  • The incredible diversity of plants in tropical forests
  • The various forms of diversity within these ecosystems, including morphological, ecological, genetic, and reproductive aspects
  • The crucial importance of ongoing research in understanding and preserving tropical forests

This event is not only an opportunity to expand your knowledge but also to be transformed by the divinely creative beauty of tropical forests. Dr. Koenemann’s insights promise to leave you inspired and motivated to contribute to the conservation of our planet’s most diverse and vibrant habitats.

Don’t miss this chance to engage with one of the foremost experts in tropical tree diversity. Register today and prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of nature’s most magnificent forests.