(Those who have already begun taking classroom Level 2 courses)

Any Level 2 course begun on or before February 1, 2015 must be completed. This course and any other Level 2 courses already completed may count toward TCCED requirements according to the chart below.  For example, if an individual has taken Level 2 Course #216, it satisfies the requirement for CDU Course THEO N007.

In the case of Level 2 Courses #217 and #218, to satisfy the requirement for having fulfilled CDU Course THEO N006, completion of both Level 2 Courses #217 and #218 is needed.  If one or the other (or both) of these Level 2 courses have not been completed, then the full CDU Course THEO N006 must be taken.

Otherwise, to fulfill TCCED Requirements, Elementary Teachers of Religion must take the full complement of 8 classes as listed in the previous page (click here). Any questions regarding these equivalencies should be directed to john.miller@archsa.org.

Level 2/CDU Course Equivalencies

Level 2 Course CDU Course CEUs*
#211 The Church and Its History THEO N004 Intro to CCC 2
#231 Maturing in Faith THEO N005 Profession of Faith 2
#217 Liturgy and/or #218 Sacraments THEO N006 The Christian Mystery 3
#216 Discipleship and Morality THEO N007 Life in Christ 3
#204 Survey of Old Testament SCRPT N004 Intro to Scripture and the Gospel Message 1
#205 Survey of New Testament SCRPT N113 The Way Catholics Use Scripture: Pope Benedict’s Verbum Domini 1
#221 Catechesis: Theory and Practice RELED N042 Forming Disciples for Community and Mission: Basic Tasks of Catechesis 1

*1 CEU = 10 clock hours

When an individual completes a course or seminar with a minimum grade of 75%,the student will be invited to download a certificate, confirming completion of the course and the corresponding CEU’s/clock hours awarded.

Once all course requirements for certification through CDU are successfully completed, the individual must print and submit the certificate of completion, along with the application for certification (click here to access and download an application), to his or her principal, who will send it on behalf of the teacher to the Academy for Lay Ecclesial Ministry. If any Level 2 classroom courses were taken to fulfill requirements, a copy of those completion certificates should accompany the application. The individual must assure that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will be returned to the individual.

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